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17 February 2017

Tok Aba is an elderly person with some grandchildrens and one of his grandchildren is BoBoiBoy and he is expecting him to help in his business with Ochobot.

He is first seen waiting for BoBoiBoy at the Railway Station but since BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba haven't seen each other in a while he and BoBoiBoy forgot who was who as seen on Season 1, Episode 1 and has hugged another person. He doesn't like fighting as it's scares some customers in his shop

Tok Aba is BoBoiBoy’s grandfather who has taken care of him since BoBoiBoy’s parents had to leave for ambassador duties. He is a kind and loving grandfather although he likes to joke around with BoBoiBoy a bit.

[Supporting Characters]

Role: BoBoiBoy’s grandfather

Personality: Loving and wise.

Abilities: Makes the best tasting and powerful Cocoa Drink in the galaxy.


-Tok Aba is voiced by Anas Abdul Aziz in both English and Malaysian versions. In the English version, he has a lower voice while in the Malaysian version, his voice is a bit higher.

-According to Tok Aba, his own birthday is January 28, 1941.

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