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24 November 2016

[Event] Pre-Register
Period: 16 - 31 December 2016

Hey BoBoiBoy Fans!

Check out this new event from 8elements! Come on! Join to "Pre-Register"!!!!
Once your active EMAIL (email facebook / yahoo / gmail) has been in-put on the pre- registration website and all the instructions have been followed properly, you will get a download link to the BoBoiBoy Galactic Heroes BETA version. Pre-register now!!
There are any phantastic gifts waiting for you….

Here are the the rewards you can collect at the event:
- 1 BoBoiBoy Epic Heroes (Swamp Gun)

* Note: All rewards will be sent in the form of a code which you can use at the time BoBoiBoy Galactic Heroes is live on Google Play *

Awesome, right? Now, do you want to get all those prizes? Then join this event immediately and follow the instructions!

Terms & Conditions:
1. Open the Pre Registration web page link >> Click here
2. Follow the steps shown on the pre-registration page:
- Input your Email (input email)
- Click the “REGISTER” button
- Click the “LIKE” button
- Click the “SHARE” button
*once that is completed, you’ll get a code*
3. All participants will get all the rewards.
4. The team reserves the right to change or modify specifications without prior notice.
5. Event period 16 - 31 December 2016.

Make sure you don't miss out on this! And don't forget to spread the great news to all your friends, so that they can follow and get all those exclusive prizes, too!

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