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20 March 2017

Hi BoBoiBoy Friends.

We have prepared an exciting event for you during the CBT period. Check this first top up event!

Be different! Unlock the whole feature available in the store and be the first to experience it. Don’t worry because we will return your Cocoa TopUp back to you 100% during the OBT and we give additional 10% more (110% total cash back) for you so you can be on the top among other players at start. Not enough!? What did you think of 1 additional common item + 1 uncommon item for you in addition?
Please note that this special offer is available during your first top up during the CBT period.



  1. COCOA TopUp / purchase for any denomination during the Closed Beta week.
  2. Please look at and write down your BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes user ID and keep it safe, don’t loose it!
  3. To find your User ID, you can follow these steps below:
    - Open BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes
    - Pick “SETTINGS” and look at the bottom left of the screen
    - Remember to write it down and keep it always, don’t forget/loose it
  4. You will have to claim the 10% COCOA bonus and 2 in-game items from the event using your CBT’s user ID when OBT Starts. So DON’T LOOSE IT!


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