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18 May 2017


This new starter pack will guarantee to make your team better and stronger! Each package comes with Epic Character, 100 Energy and 50.000 Marbles. AWESOME!!

Pick one package that fits your strategy and character OR buy all the packages.

  • Package 1 consist of the cheerful BoBoiBoy Wind, 100 Energy and 50.000 Marbles.

BoBoiBoy wind is a universal hero inside BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes game and he has the balance of attack power and speed attack.

  • Package 2 consist of the strong Yaya, the fastest girl Ying, 100 Energy and 50.000 Marbles.

Yaya is the strongest person on BoBoiBoy’s team, she is able to manipulate gravity and she can fly! In the game, Yaya can help you immobilize the enemy by stunning all of them (Area Skill). So get her to prevent enemies from hitting you.

Ying is the fastest and the smartest girl on BoBoiBoy’s team, she is able to manipulate time. Ying will use her lighnting speed to attack all enemies (Random). Her leader skill will give your team an attack speed aura, so that you will have  more hitting opportunities than the enemy.

  • Package 3 consists of hero BoBoiBoy with Crystal Sword, BoBoiBoy with Swamp Gun, 100 Energy and 50.000 Marbles.

BoBoiBoy with Crystal Sword comes with big attack power, his basic attack will cause major damage to an enemy.

BoBoiBoy with Swamp Gun will protect your team from being poisoned during your adventure on the swamp planet – the Apaya Planet.

Get this hot offer by clicking the button on the top right of the lobby screen!

Server is Take Down for 3 Days
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