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26 May 2017


After rescuing Yaya on Aurora – the Crystal Planet, BoBoiBoy and team receiving weak SOS signal from Zoolonia planet, one of the planet in Nebiri galaxy system. The team assume that the signal come from one of the team member Fang and they’re rushing to find him on Zoolonia planet. Find out what lies behind the green planet that has plenty of fruit tree and help BoBoiBoy and team rescue Fang.


You all know that fang is a quite powerful character in BoBoiBoy TV series, he has the ability to manipulate shadow and creating beast, weapon, or shield to help him and the team on the battle. Who is strong enough to capture Fang? Help BoBoiBoy and team rescue fang in zoolonia and yess!! Once you rescue fang you will be able to get them on your team. For Fang fans who did who still have a lot of journey ahead and have not reach planet Zoolonia, you can buy him on our new Special Package on the shop.

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