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07 December 2017

Hi BoBoiBoy friends,

you will glad to welcome new friends from other galaxy, because BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes now open their service into global. You will meet them in-game, fight with them, or even talk with them. Don't lose with the newcomer and show them who is the best BoBoiBoy friends!!

By opening the service into global, BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes also opening new event to welcome all BoBoiBoy fans. Let's see what event we held for you below:

Shout Your Country

Date: 8 - 14 December 2017

Reward: 500 cocoa for all user with most country called.

Detail and rules:

  • You need to comment on the post we prepared for you.
  • You cannot spam the comment, 1 account only can shout for one country.
  • Tell us where you come from (ex: Indonesia, Malaysia, China, England, Brazil, or else) in the comment.
  • Invite your friend by tagging them to help you vote for the country
  • The most country called will be reward with 500 cocoa in the game
  • Don't forget to input your login ID and Number ID in the comment (go to your profile in-game).
  • Reward will be send based on the Number ID you input in the comment, make sure its not typo.
  • Reward will be send 3-7 days after winner announcement.

Rate and Save the Earth!

Date: 8th December 2017 - 7th January 2018

Reward: BoBoiBoy Earth for all the reviewer


  • Open google playstore and rate us 5 star!
  • Do review about our game, put your ID and Number ID in the comment
  • All reviewer who rate 5 star and put their ID will get BoBoiBoy Earth in the end.
  • Reward will be send 3-7 days after event ended.

What are you waiting for?

Join the journey with new friends, register and follow the event, and be the best at BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes!!

Register here:

Server is Take Down for 3 Days
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